Rebecca Whalley Business Development Manager

"We are pleased to be a main distributor for Nedz Bed covering the North West, Midlands and Wales. We began stocking Nedz Bed about 18 months ago. During this time we have seen sales of this innovative, cost effective product grow rapidly. "

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Trudy Goulding - Owner of End House Stud

"Keeps horses very clean, cost effective, and excellent for foaling on, good for dirty stallions, also used to loose house youngsters."

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Lorna Preston, Equestrian Advisor

"Since taking Nedz Bed into our stores, it has proved extremely popular and has become one of our best selling bedding products within a very short period of time. It is an excellent bedding product for use with all kinds of horses, including horses with respiratory problems, and is competitively priced with a first class delivery service.

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Melissa Murphy MRCVS BVSc Aldington Equine Vets

"Nedz Bed is a wonderful product which in combination with other management changes can aid in the prevention/control of respiratory disease in horses."

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Christina Jones

Christina has used conventional straw bales for several years now but found it difficult to store as well as having a mountain of a muck heap that took up a lot of room, looked unsightly and cost a fortune to have removed several times a year. On top of this she found using straw contributed to dust levels in the American Barn style stable block, took ages to muck out and smelt strongly!
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