Amyanne from the Isle of Man

“I have been using Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance for over six years now. I own five large horses and one of them suffers from a respiratory problem that necessitated a trip to hospital and an operation. I had struggled for a long time to find a bedding solution that was absorbent, did not move around the stable and did not smell."

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Angela Leigh

"I have been using Nedz Advance now for about a month. The product I was previously using used to be delivered but the supplier stopped providing bedding and although I was happy with the product I began looking around for other pellets. I came across Nedz and as I'm very heavy handed when it comes to watering pellets I thought I would try Nedz Advance. I like that the pellets broke down easily without water, gave lots of volume to the bed, was straw not wood and very absorbent. I use rubber matting but still like a decent bed for my boy Wyley to lie down on as he is a Thoroughbred and can be so precious! As it stands i have NO complaints! It is easy peasy to muck out daily, only one wet spot to take out, there is no smell to contend with, lots of depth adding and I only need to add one bag a week and it still stays cosy, so I am very happy!"

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Lizi Dean from Suffolk

"I have had my 18 year old TB mare, Georgi, for 8 years now and she has always been really wet in her stable - the smell was awful! She also box walks which made her bed a big soggy mess. I have tried all sorts of bedding including shavings, wood pellets and shredded paper. I gave Nedz Original a try and absolutely loved it! The smell is great and it is really absorbent. It keeps the stable much fresher and I've even had comments on how much better Georgi's rugs smell. My favourite thing is that when you pull in the clean bedding from the banks, it refreshes the whole stable again. I also take comfort in the fact it's antibacterial and antiviral. I'd recommend it to anyone, particularly if you have a wet mare that box walks like mine!"

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Sue Kinrade from the Isle of Man

"We have been using rubber matting on our yard for several years with which ever dust extracted shavings were cheapest! Some absorbency is needed but as the stables were purpose built the mats are on"feet" and the drainage fall is excellent, however we still found the mats and drains getting clogged very quickly."

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Maggie White from Kent

"We have found Nedz Advance to create a very stable, dust free bed, requiring minimum maintenance and a tiny muck heap. Having used other types of bedding in the past, now that we have changed to Nedz Advance we no longer have any coughing as there is no dust, yet we do not have to water the beds! One horse used to stream mucus from his nose when bedded on wood pellet beds that were watered regularly but is now totally dry on Nedz Advance, despite being on total box rest."

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Angela Corner, AANHCP Barefoot Trimmer and Endurance rider

“As a barefoot trimmer I’m always on the lookout for the most suitable bedding for barefoot horses – both my own and my clients. Nedz Advance is the best bedding I’ve found. The unrivalled absorbency means that when horses are stabled their feet do not get damp by standing in wet bedding, which is vital for developing tough feet.

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Geoff Billington - International Show Jumper

"Nedz Pro is a fantastic product - very absorbent and easy to use, it makes the stable environment clean and keeps dust to a minimum, which is vital for the respiratory function of my horses and so helps them to perform well at the top level."

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