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Lucy Straker - A mini update!

Just a little update here from Lucy Straker Dressage....on Sunday I decided to step Freda up to Advanced Medium after only doing a handful of Medium tests.

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Victoria Bax - On the up!

Finally it seems things are starting to look up for me as a lot has changed for the better since last month, thank goodness as I was seriously considering a lifestyle change!
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Getting fit the Team King way

For many people the season is about to get into full swing especially if you enjoy the odd bit of Eventing. Mary and Emily King are kicking off their first set of events and so we caught up with them to see how they have been preparing.

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Team King - A successful start

The season has started, hurrah! Em and I have got off to a great start, with all the horses progressing well and trying very hard.  
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How your bedding can help your horse’s respiratory system

As we head towards the end of the winter and begin to look forward to the spring have you considered how your bedding can help to aid your horse’s respiratory system?

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Lucy Straker - Training for perfection

It has be train, train and train some more the last month ready to kick start our season properly in April!

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Victoria Bax - Nothing is going to plan!

Well 2017 certainly doesn't seem to be going to plan in any way shape or form. 

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