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Stolen Nedz Products - reward offered!

It has been brought to our attention that an unknown individual has been stealing Nedz products and selling them directly to customers at a significantly reduced price. Nedz only sell through retailers so this offer is not legitimate and the products being purchased are stolen goods.

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Check out our WIN section for tickets to The Champions Tour

Don't miss the opportunity to see Geoff Billington and Oliver Townend presenting The Champions Tour at a venue near you this November. We have 24 tickets to giveaway for the November leg of the tour, click here to find out more.

A good harvest means top quality, readily available supplies from Nedz!

After last year’s bedding crisis – many companies were unable to supply customers for the whole winter leading to panic and price increases. Nedz were one of the few manufacturers able to retain their supply to existing customers in order to keep everyone ‘bedded up’ for the whole winter season. After a successful harvest in 2009 – Nedz have secured enough top quality raw materials to ensure both existing and new customers will have a consistent supply of all three products, Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance.

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Nedz sponsor Champions Tour

Nedz are proud to announce their association with the debut Champions Tour featuring legendary show jumper and Nedz sponsored rider Geoff Billington and top event rider Oliver Townend. The two riders are teaming up to organise two series of fun, informative and entertaining lecture demonstrations around the UK.

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Welcome to the new Nedz website

Welcome to the new Nedz website. We hope you will visit regularly to find out all the latest news from Nedz and get inside information on the bedding industry, as well as catching up with our Nedz sponsored riders Geoff Billington and Andrew Mizon.

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