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Steph Croxford's progress over the winter...

We catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Steph Croxford to find out how her team are doing...

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Lucy Straker qualifies for the Winter Regional Championships!


Lucy Straker updates us on her latest events and her horses' progress...

"Winter training has kicked off big time here at Lucy Straker Dressage. My 3 boys are improving daily with help from Anna Ross Davies who is coming to my yard every 10 days or so, which means eyes on the ground and lots of home work in between times from the comfort of my own yard!

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Mary King is sad to see the end to the eventing season!

 Mary King's season comes to and end and she keeps us informed of her plans for the coming winter...

"It is always sad when the event season comes to an end, but lovely to finish with fit sound horses who have progressed well through the year. Most owners like to keep their horses with us for their winter holidays. They are turned out in twos or threes, with their shoes removed, and stay out day and night. It is lovely for them to completely relax, and get hairy, muddy and fat! They just have some Baileys Balancer each day while the grass is still plentiful!

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Victoria Bax rounds off her eventing season!

Victoria Bax keeps us updated on the the end to her eventing season, as well as her plans for the winter...

"So my Eventing season has now finished, but sadly not on the high I had hoped for.

South of England CIC2* didn't quite go as planned.  Our dressage wasn't too bad and left us in 14th place overnight.  We stabled nearby the show ground at Lingfield Racecourse, however, the following morning our lorry decided it didn't want to start so there we sat waiting for recovery for about an hour. Fortunately I didn't run XC until lunchtime so I still had plenty of time, but still it did throw me a little.

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Victoria Bax recaps over WEG

Victoria Bax updates us on her experience at the World Equestrian Games and how her team of ex-racehorses are going...

"Wow what an experience we had in Normandy actually watching the World Equestrian Games competition in the flesh. On the first day we travelled down to the D'ornano stadium in Caen which was about an hour away from the chalet we were staying in. Our journey there was interesting to say the least! A local bus ran us into Caen and then a short walk to a very packed temporary bus stop to transport us another 10 mins on the shuttle bus to the actual stadium. Once inside the stadium, we were greeted by a small plastics bottom shaped patch on a concrete slab to sit on, mmmmm comfy, NOT! But that was not the worst come, French toilets..."

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Mary King's season comes to an end

We catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Mary King to find out how her season has come to an end...

“It was strange going to Burghley without having a horse as I rarely go to an event that I am not riding at, however it was all for a good cause as I was launching my new book! It was a busy but great 4 days meeting lots of people and doing signings. If you haven’t already got a copy you can order yours here.”

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Steph has a hiccup at the Nationals

We chat to Nedz sponsored rider, Steph Croxford to find out how the Nationals went with Mr Hyde...

"Well what a fiasco the Inter 2 was at the Nationals this year! I was reliably informed by the BD office sometime ago that the test that was going to be used for the Championships was the new BD 2014 Int 2. Mr Hyde and I arrive all practiced in plenty of time. We look in the BD program to indeed find that it is the BD 2014 Int 2. As we had sometime to waste, we go for a wonder aground the shops, where we bump into fellow competitor Roger Gregory who proceeds to tease us stating that it is not the BD Int 2 but the FEI Int 2. We both finally agree that according to the program, it is indeed the BD 2014 Int 2."

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