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Victoria Bax opens the season with a new ride!

Victoria Bax is on countdown to the start of her season - and what a season it is shaping up to be, with a new ride to add to her team! Exciting times indeed, and lots to catch up on!

"It is finally all systems go as we are now T minus 4 days until my eventing season officially kicks off for Forrest and my new ride Rock Step (Rocky)"

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Lucy Straker travels for training ...

We caught up with Lucy Straker to hear how her March has been, and what she is most looking forward to in April!

"After the excitement of the Regional championships and how amazing Alfie was things have been a little quieter as we have been busy training at home for the big winter Nationals in April! He's is on top form and I can't wait for the champs!"

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Mary King gets creative with her training!

We caught up with Mary King to see how her February has panned out, and to hear how the pre-season preparations are going. We love that Mary advocates using a bit of imagination in her training - we've all done that from time to time! Find out what's new with Mary, and how the weather has been a factor ...

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Steph Croxford goes International!

Exciting times in the Croxford house, as there has been a recent win, an International competition on the horizon, and new four-legged friends!

"Having done Addington High Profile Show and managed to come 4th in the Grand Prix, Mr Hyde has rather excitingly been selected to do the Addington CDI which is our first international competition at Big Tour!"

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Victoria Bax practices preparation and patience!

Victoria Bax is learning that patience is a virtue. Although not flying out of the blocks to start her 2015 season too soon, there is lots of preparation going on to ensure that when she starts, success will be within reach!

"It seems I have been extremely busy teaching over the last month getting everyone else ready for the season while mine has sadly taken a back seat. Crysto won't be starting his season in March, so I am not rushing to get the others out there. Also the ground is just so wet, I am being a bit more patient than usual!"

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Lucy Straker bags her first title of 2015!

We caught up with Lucy Straker, and she has some incredibly exciting news to kick off the season! Here's to continued success and equally exciting blogs for the remainder of the year!

"It has been all go at team Straker these last few weeks!! Battling with the cold weather and fairly wild horses has made it very entertaining"

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A well-earned retirement for Mr President

We would like to wish Mr President, the fantastic Grand Prix dressage horse that put Nedz sponsored rider Steph Croxford on the map, a very happy and healthy retirement!

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