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A well-earned retirement for Mr President

We would like to wish Mr President, the fantastic Grand Prix dressage horse that put Nedz sponsored rider Steph Croxford on the map, a very happy and healthy retirement!

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Mary King eyes new challenges with new horses

With the eventing season starting in just over a month we had a lovely catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Mary King to find out how she is feeling about 2015...

"The horses have all wintered really well - in fact I think the best they ever have thanks to the mild weather! I haven't had to give haylage in the fields because even in December the grass was still growing. They are all back in work now and have been since the beginning of January. This month we focus on fitness and building up the road work day by day, each time taking them slightly further and gradually introducing hillwork, then, at the end of January, it starts getting more interesting when we start schooling them."

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Lucy Straker starts the year with a star performance!

Lucy Straker's year is off to a flying start! She already has show news to report, and looks ahead to the Regional Championships in February ...

"Happy New Year everyone, from all my team at Lucy Straker Dressage! We are already busy preparing for the coming season, and as you can imagine it's full steam ahead!"

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Victoria Bax gears up for the 2015 season

Now we're edging towards the end of January, a new season of events is clearly on the horizon - which of course means a new schedule of training, preparation and planning for Victoria Bax! We catch up with her to see how 2015 is shaping up for her and her team ...

"The hard work begins again as the first event of the season sneaks closer! I am now totally focussed back into working my team. Hopefully I will have lots of exciting things to talk about this year as I have the three youngsters, Frankie, Tilly and Milli who will all be making appearances at some point during the season."

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Victoria Bax finishes with a flourish!


We catch up with Victoria Bax, as she re-caps over the highs and lows of 2014...

"Overall 2014 was a pretty good year for me and my team and especially better than 2013 for a number of reasons!  Although there will always be a handful of downs just to level things out a bit!"

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Lucy Straker wishes you a wonderful Christmas!

We caught up with Nedz sponsored rider,  Lucy Straker to find out her highs and lows from 2014...

"Well I can't believe another year is nearly over already! It has flown by and so many good things have happened amongst a few down bits, but I guess that is horses for you!! This year was sad when I had to retire my Grand Prix crazy ginger but he is happily playing like a swamp monster everyday in his field and is loving life and still top dog!! The yard is full to brimming with liveries and I have bought 2 new horses this year too!"

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Steph Croxford finishes in style!

Steph Croxford has finished off the year in style with a fantastic result at Bury Farm High Profile Show. Mr Hyde, at just 9 years old, came 6th in the Inter 1 with 68.99% and then 3rd in the Grand Prix with 69.63%. What a star for the future, we can't wait to see him progress over 2015!

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