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Mary King - Chasing the next Olympics

Sponsored rider Mary King updates us on her and Emily's recent successes 

"We had a lovely Barbury HTs. Emily's horses went well, and Billy, Bobby and Joey all jumped double clears and are starting to feel pretty grown up." 

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Victoria Bax - Strapped up and ready to go

"So with not much practise or training due to my previous ankle injury, I strapped it up and we headed off to Brightling Park at the beginning of July with Alberta's Rose and Alberta's Pride.  I was a little apprehensive due to the lack of riding I had done but also so desperate to get out competing again."
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Nedz a sterling choice for stable hygiene

Nedz offers enhanced hygiene and cleanliness for stabled horses, thanks to the addition of silver to its chopped straw products – a unique element to Nedz. Silver is widely renowned for its powerful antibacterial properties, making Nedz a smarter choice than ever for horse owners.   

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Lucy Straker - Training and more training

Sponsored rider Lucy Straker has been spending her time over the last few weeks training hard with her two horses as well as getting out and about in the sunshine.

"Things are sooo busy at the moment here and it's so nice to actually have some proper sunshine!"

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Retraining Racehorses - Part 2

In our first part of the series Victoria took us through the importance of getting back to basics with your race horse. In this part Victoria explains about some more handling and on the ground management, as well as ensuring the physical and mental well being of your horse during their retraining.

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Geoff Billington - Hitting the deck!

Geoff has been busy over the last few weeks competing around the country, but it hasn't always gone to plan.

"Well what have I been up to over the last few months ... hitting the deck a lot I would say!"

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Steph Croxford - We finally made Fritzen!

Steph Croxford has been busy driving across four countries to get to Fritzen to compete and finally tick the competition of her bucket list! She updates us on how she got on

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