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Lucy Straker - Regional qualifiers

Winter training is in full swing here and the horses are going great!!! Freda had spent September and October hacking and doing fitness work up hill to try and improve her top line and strength and get her lifting her tummy muscles a bit and wow has it helped her!!!

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Victoria Bax - Thinking about road safety

Well that went pretty quickly, all the horses have had their time off and are back in work at various levels, so things are starting up for me again.  I am not working each of them every day more like 3/4 times a week. 
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Big bed benefits

Recent research hailing the benefits of larger and deeper bedding areas in stables has prompted horse owners to look at the benefits of deep bedding systems like Nedz Pro.

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Team King - Happy holidays

The horses are happy on their holidays. Now the weather is getting colder they are wearing outdoor rugs and are having Baileys balancer and Conditioning mix, also some Marksway High Fibre Horse Hage. All are now unshod, and are loving being real horses again! I weaned Tess's foal Kizzy, who was bay when she was born, but is now turning grey.
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Steph Croxford - Le Mans and a new arrival

Steph Croxford has had a busy few weeks with a trip to Le Mans in France, the arrival of a new prospect and regional qualifiers. We caught up with her in one of her quieter moments!

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Victoria Bax - Finishing up the season

October saw the last 3 events of my season but the first 3 for Alberta's Elegance who has had a very quiet year due to one thing and the other.

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Team King - Winding up the season

The event season has now ended for Emily and I, and what an up and down final month!
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